The Benefits of Park Home Living

Are you looking to retire and escape the day to day stress of Urban Life? Why not think about a move to a beautiful Park Home in the country and join a likeminded community. Residential Park Homes have evolved over recent years to provide an excellent alternative to traditional "Bricks & Mortar" Homes.

Residential Park Homes are built to BS3632 standards where the main difference between this type of home and a regular Bungalow is the way in which it is made. Park Homes are built under strict workshop conditions before being transported to the Park. The home is mainly a timber construction on a robust chassis. There are different finishes to choose from – Traditional "Rendering" or "Canexel" are the two main types. Canexel is a popular finish which is regularly used in Canada. A ridged, UV safe and virtually maintenance free compound that is great for low maintenance finish.

Residential Park Homes bring that sense of community back to life, something which most housing estates now lack. Isolation is becoming a thing of the past, however privacy is also respected. Energy Efficiency is at the heart of Park Home manufacturing with extra insulation, "K" Glass Windows, Metrotile Roofing, integrated appliances, walk in wet rooms and low energy appliances becoming ever so popular. When you buy a new Park Home, they tend to be fully furnished (if that is what you want) so it is one less thing to have to think about!! Each manufacturer offers their own warranty such as Gold Shield Scheme or the Platinum Shield Scheme for new homes.

The majority of people purchasing Park Homes are either downsizing or releasing some equity and most Park Home owners will tell you how much the home has increased their quality of life.